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Olympia  is  a  well   rounded  individual  who  lives  with  passion , dedication
and  grace. Born and raised  in  Athens, Greece, she studied  fashion, graphic
and  interior design.  After working as a fashion designer for several years she
followed her greater passion for handmade  crafts.



She  started  her  jewellery  journey  at  the  island  of  Paros in 2007,  opening
sun ‘n sand  store and  becoming  the  founder of Olympia Ntelidaki  Jewellery
Firm. Since then she leaves between Paros and Athens.



Behind each piece there’s  a  perfect craftsmanship, inspired  by  the beauty of
Greece . Silver  and  semi precious  stones are combined  into unique designs
with  a touch of luxurious simplicity.